Your Consultation

SwissBeautyMed makes sure that you are in the best hands and at all times feel comfortable by carefully selecting specialist specialists. Your safety and satisfaction are our highest priority and excellent quality!

The personal consultation

Everyone makes certain ideas about his appearance. Unfortunately, their own appearance does not always or no longer correspond to these ideas. Some flaws can be eliminated with the help of cosmetic surgery. Competent and comprehensive personal advice is indispensable. In doing so, we approach your personal questions and give your wishes and ideas our full attention. The limits of beauty surgery are also shown. In addition, we deliberately limit ourselves to treatments, which the whole team can place themselves unconditionally. Taking all medical criteria into consideration, we agree with you on the treatment procedure.

The following topics are discussed in detail:

• What are your problem zones

• Performs treatment to the desired result

• Which treatment method leads to the safest possible success, which other techniques are available

• How is the treatment performed?

• What type of anesthesia is required

• Which specific risk factors exist

• What should you look for before and after treatment?

• What are the definitive costs for treatment?

• What else do you need to consider?


Before the consultation

If you have an appointment with a specialist for aesthetic surgery, take the time to prepare for the interview. The following steps can help you:
Write down all your questions about the procedure, such as risks, costs, follow-up and results.
Check with the renowned plastic and aesthetic surgeons, eg.

at: The Swiss Society of Aesthetic Surgery (SGAC-SSCE), or other specialized associations about the procedure and the related questions.
Be sure to check that the selected doctor has a specialist surgeon as a plastic and aesthetic surgeon and has sufficient experience with the desired cosmetic surgery.
We have prepared a short questionnaire so that the experts you are looking for can prepare for the interview. Please fill out this form completely and send it to the specialists you have chosen before the agreed date



Your consultation

In a personal, detailed discussion, it is now important to clarify all important aspects of the treatment, both from the patient and from the physician's point of view. But how does a professional counseling work, which points have to be discussed and what else should you look out for? The first impression never really deceives: Do you feel welcome in practice? And how do the doctor and his staff deal with you and with each other? Get an impression of the atmosphere and hygiene in practice. You should feel well and well looked after. A counseling session begins with an anamnesis. Please complete our short questionnaire and submit it to us before the agreed date. In this way, the specialists chosen by you can optimally prepare themselves for the interview with you and determine the best possible treatment for you. The doctor will examine you and question your health. Be honest in any case, it is about your well-being and about your beauty. SwissBeautyMed has developed a brief medical history, which you can already fill in at home before the consultation and then send it to your desired doctor, or at the latest to the desired consultation. Describe exactly your wishes and expectations, but also fears. Ask all your questions. Your doctor should take sufficient time for you to respond to you and advise you individually. Above all about the risks of an operating theater, every specialist for aesthetic plastic surgery is given detailed advice.

Please ensure that your doctor informs you about the whole course of a possible treatment and explains the individual OP steps. Have a look at the materials that may be used.

Do not be afraid to ask about your doctor's experience with your treatment:

How many interventions did he or she have already done in this way?

And what are the results?

On the basis of before-and-after pictures, the handwriting and also the aesthetic sensation of the surgeon can be assessed. Also check whether he offers a visualization of the anticipated treatment outcome. Ask your doctor about the possible models for financing your procedure. A serious cost estimate for the treatment is only possible after the consultation, since the costs depend on your specific wishes and needs. Tip: Use a checklist to avoid anything important during the consultation.


After the consultation

Since it is an important and usually unpaid surgery, the decision for or against this treatment should be deliberate and not spontaneous or under time pressure. After the consultation, please take the time to reflect the results of your discussions. It is not only about your appearance, but also about your health. If you are hesitant after the consultation, you will get a second opinion. If you still have questions later, ask them. Only when you are sure you have received all the important information about the planned treatment, the risk and the outcome, and the trust you have with your doctor, you should arrange an appointment for your desired treatment.

Prices / costs of treatments in CHF

Liposuction Depending on the number of treatment zones from 2'500.- to 3'400.-CHF

Breast augmentation from 8'900.- CHF

Wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid from 750.-CHF

Wrinkle treatment with botulinum toxin from 550.-CHF

Upper arm tightening from 8'000.-CHF

Tummy tuck from 8'000.-CHF

Thigh tightening from 8'000.-CHF

Upper eyelid surgery from 3'100.-CHF

Lower eyelids from 4'600,-CHF

Upper and lower eyelids from 5'800.-CHF

Double chin (liposuction) from 1800.- CHF

Welding gland treatment by suction from 1800.-CHF

Sweat gland treatment with botulinum toxin from 800.-CHF

Gynecomastia from 6500,-CHF

Hair transplant from 4000,-CHF

Beauty surgery consultation Switzerland