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SwissBeautyMed operates a platform for arranging and booking consultations, initial consultations in the area of ​​aesthetic-plastic and reconstructive surgery as well as other corresponding services.

This service is provided by SwissBeautyMed, Dittmar Grosse, Unterdorfstrasse 8, 3072 Ostermundigen, Switzerland


Please read these terms carefully. With your use of our services and / or the acceptance of these terms and conditions, you agree to the terms and conditions, including our Privacy Policy. Please do not use our services if you do not agree to our Terms and Conditions including the Privacy Policy.

Our services must not be misused. Access to our portal and its use is only permitted according to these terms and conditions.

This platform is provided by SwissBeautyMed exclusively for personal, individual use by the internet users.

Any form of automated access or reading of this platform is not permitted. The use of support programs that allow automated access to SwissBeautyMed is not permitted.





The "platform" is the (mobile) website and app on which the services, which are owned by swissbeautymed.com and are provided.

The "service" is the online booking service (including payment and payment transfer) of some appropriately labeled products and services, which may occasionally be discontinued by the vendors and third parties on the platform.

"Provider" means the provider of a professional and qualified medical service (nonsurgical and surgical treatments) - or similar products or services that are regularly available on the platform for booking.






The portal SwissBeautyMed is available to you free of charge.

On the portal, you can view doctors' profiles as well as the corresponding services offered by all medical specialists listed on the portal, as well as other, useful information.

SwissBeautyMed provides the following services on this portal:

Mediation and booking of consulting material, first consultations and other services in the field of aesthetic plastic and reconstructive surgery. Execution is exclusively by licensed medical specialists with appropriate specialist training and admission in Switzerland.

Publication of information on doctors on the basis of the data provided by doctors.

Publication of information on physicians based on public databases.

Publication of medical articles by medical professionals.




Prices and terms of payment


SwissBeautyMed offers interested internet users the opportunity to book a consultation on the platform. The offer of a consultation is presented here with a total price, which, if this occurs, contains the legal turnover tax.

The corresponding contract for the consultation also comes into effect when using the booking option exclusively with the respective third-party supplier at the stated conditions and conditions.

The sending of the book form via the platform by the Internet user is the declaration of acceptance with regard to this offer and at the same time the offer of the Internet user to conclude a contract for the booking of the described discussion. After transferring the booking data record, the third-party provider will accept the Internet user's offer by means of a separate declaration.

By selecting the consultation and clicking the "Select" button, the Internet user has the possibility to enter his / her personal data manually. The Internet user can see the preferred provider and the corresponding conditions and conditions in the overview. The Internet user can also enter their credit card information here. The credit card account is debited by the third party provider only after confirmation of the booking. Errors can be corrected on this page before submitting his contract declaration by changing the appropriate fields. You can cancel the booking by pressing the back key of the browser or closing the browser window. By clicking on the button "Now pay for the booking", he makes a binding offer to book the selected consultation.

From the time of the respective booking via the platform comes between the internet user and SwissBeautyMed comes only a mediation contract, which has the transmission of the contractual declaration of the Internet user to the respective provider is the object.

SwissBeautyMed will acknowledge receipt of the declaration and the conclusion of the mediation agreement by means of an automatic acknowledgment of receipt by e-mail to the Internet user. The provider will accept the Internet user's offer by means of a separate declaration within 3 working days. Thereafter, the internet user is no longer bound by his contractual agreement.




Cancellation and cancellation fees


An advance payment already made to the offerer for a non-surgical and / or surgical (operative) intervention in EUR (or the equivalent in CHF) agreed with the provider will be refunded by the provider to the patient within a reasonable period of time if the pre- Examination reveals that surgery is not possible for medical reasons and that the current provider has a current (not older than 3 working days!) Medical certificate, which expressly confirms this.


If the agreed OP date can not be met by the provider of the Internet user / patient, the advance payment already made will be paid for a later treatment that takes place within 6 months (calculated from the date of the originally agreed operation date with the respective provider) must be invoiced.



In the event of a cancellation which does not take place at least 24 hours before the agreed date, the following cancellation fees will be charged in addition to the above-mentioned mediation fee:

0-30 days before agreed surgery date 100% of surgery deposit


If the patient has already canceled an already changed surgery date at a later date, the tour fee, the travel organization fee, will be forfeited, as well as the surgery fee, regardless of the time of the cancellation.






SwissBeautyMed exclusively acts as an intermediary between the patient and the providers named in the preface and point definition, and is only liable for the benefits of the mediation agreement.

The liability of SwissBeautyMed is excluded for all medical services, as well as for travel and accommodation, since these contracts are exclusively concluded with third parties.

The information we use to perform our services is based on the information provided by the respective providers. All providers are solely responsible for the fact that the prices, availability and other information listed on our website are always updated. SwissBeautyMed is very careful and conscientious in the execution of all services. We can not verify and guarantee that all information is accurate, correct and complete, nor can we be held responsible for errors (including obvious errors or printing errors), interruptions (by a temporary and / or a partial failure, repair, updating or maintenance work On our website or any other reason), inaccurate, misleading or untrue information or non-transmission of the information. Each provider is always responsible for the accuracy, completeness and correctness of the (descriptive) information (including the prices and availability) on our website. Our website does not constitute a recommendation or a confirmation of the quality, the service level, the qualification or the classification (stars) of an available provider.

Without express written agreement or assurance, SwissBeautyMed hereby expressly excludes all liability for the services provided, as well as for defects (including all consequential defects) of the service and personal injury or material damage that may arise to the Internet user / patient in connection with the service provided.

Any liability of SwissBeautyMed arising out of the culpable violation of mediation obligations shall remain unaffected by the above provisions.


The liability of SwissBeautyMed is in all cases limited to intent and gross negligence, excluding all indirect, indirect and consequential damages. In addition, SwissBeautyMed does not accept any guarantee of success for mediation, nor does it guarantee the correctness or completeness of the information published by the providers. Any liability of SwissBeautyMed in connection with the content of the information is excluded.



Contract changes


SwissBeautyMed reserves the right to adjust its services and the corresponding prices in case of necessity.

Furthermore, SwissBeautyMed reserves the right to amend these General Terms and Conditions at any time. The General Terms and Conditions are valid and applicable in the present version. In order for a new version of the terms of the contract to be part of an ongoing mediation agreement, it must be accepted by the patient.




Applicable law and Jurisdiction


These terms and conditions and the mediation agreement are subject to Swiss law.

The exclusive jurisdiction is Bern




Severance clause


Should individual provisions of this contract prove to be invalid, invalid or unfeasible, the validity, effectiveness and fulfillment of the remaining parts of the contract shall not be impaired thereby.

The ineffective provision shall be deemed to be replaced by a provision that comes closest to the purpose and purpose of the ineffective provision.






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