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Eye drops, tear-bags and sagging eyelids not only give the face a tired appearance, but can also lead to limitations of the field of vision in extreme cases. These unsightly changes in the eye part - as well as the development of facial wrinkles - belong to the natural aging process. For some people, they are more or less pronounced at a young age. For people who are affected by this, an eyelid tightening (medically also called blepharoplasty) can be sensible. This eyelid correction, which can be performed as an upper or lower eyelid tightening, is a routine procedure: it is one of the most frequently performed aesthetic treatments in Switzerland.

The facts: Eyelid surgery




If your eyelids or tears are unpleasant, you can have your eyelids tightened. A possible beauty operation has the potential to increase your quality of life and your self-esteem feeling enormously. We work exclusively with specialists who have gained years of experience in another special field - you can also make sure that you are in the best hands at SwissBeautyMed.


Eyelid surgery - Basic treatment procedure

The stay for eyelid correction is outpatient. You will be able to go home that same day actually On request, we perform several treatments on the eyelids in one operation (combination of upper and lower eyelid surgery). The eyelid surgery is performed without anesthesia. Instead, the patient is stunned locally. Treatment to relieve eyelids, excess skin and adipose tissue are removed from the weakened upper or lower lids. The small sections necessary for this are applied in the natural skin fold. The suture is applied with a continuous thread under the skin (intracutaneously)

Eyelid lift surgery actually encompasses a number of different surgical techniques; which techniques a cosmetic surgeon will use depends on a patient’s anatomy and the particular changes that need to be made to achieve a patient’s goals. For any given patient, an eyelid lift may include upper eyelid surgery, lower eyelid surgery, or both.

Upper Eyelid Surgery

Do you feel like your eyes always look tired, as though you are unhappy or less alert than you feel? Do your upper eyelids seem to lack contour or obscure your upper eyelashes? Sagging, wrinkled skin on the upper eyelids can cause this type of appearance, and upper eyelid surgery can help remove the excess skin and restore a naturally youthful shape to your eyelids and a more open, refreshed appearance to your eyes.

Upper eyelid surgery typically involves an incision made in the natural crease above the eye, through which your cosmetic surgeon will remove a precise amount of excess skin and fat and/or adjust the surrounding muscles to make the desired improvements.

Lower Eyelid Surgery

Do you have sagging “bags” beneath your eyes that make you look as though you haven’t slept well, even though you have plenty of energy? This is likely due to herniated fat that collects beneath the eyes. While this can become more pronounced over time as skin loses elasticity, puffy lower lids can occur in patients as young their twenties, causing them to look much older than they actually are.

Lower eyelid surgery can be an excellent solution to correct eyelid bags. There are a variety of surgical techniques that cosmetic surgeons can use to improve the lower eyelids; incisions are generally located on the outer edge of the lower eyelid, just beneath the eyelashes or inside the eyelid. Your cosmetic surgeon will explain the approach he or she determines is best for you.

Through the incisions, your cosmetic surgeon will remove or reposition fat to create a smooth, natural contour beneath the eyelid. Depending on the case, excess, sagging skin may be removed or the lower eyelid muscle may be tightened to provide the most natural, effective results.

Combining Eyelid Surgery with Another Procedure

If you are like many patients, you may want to address aging in a few different areas of your face. While eyelid surgery alone can significantly rejuvenate your appearance, it’s quite common to have a faceliftbrow lift, or both performed in conjunction with an eyelid lift to achieve more comprehensive facial rejuvenation. A brow lift will address sagging skin and deep furrows above the eyes, while a facelift will address jowling, sagging, and wrinkles on the cheeks and neck.


Eyelid Lift Surgery and  Recovery

Cosmetic eyelid surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure, and typically lasts from 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending upon whether or not you are having another procedure performed at the same time. Depending on the extent of your eyelid surgery, you will be given general anesthesia or local anesthesia with IV sedation.

Most trained, board certified cosmetic surgeons today use advanced techniques that eliminate the need to bandage the eyes after surgery, although you may be given an eye lubricant that somewhat blurs your vision at first. When preparing for your surgery, it is a good idea to have some of your favorite music or audiobooks on hand to listen to as you spend the first few days resting at home.

During the first 1 to 2 weeks after eyelid surgery, patients commonly have some visible bruising and swelling, and your eyelids may feel unusually tight. However, most patients report feeling more soreness than pain. Using cold compresses and keeping your head elevated while you sleep can help alleviate discomfort.

After Eyelid Surgery

Most patients feel well enough to make short trips (do not drive yourself until your cosmetic surgeon gives you clearance to do so) after about a week, and return to their jobs 10-14 days after an eyelid lift.

It’s always important to follow your cosmetic surgeon’s instructions after any procedure, and after eyelid surgery you will have to make a few special but relatively simple modifications to ensure your newly rejuvenated eyelids heal optimally.

  • Expect your eyes to get tired more quickly than usual for the first few weeks, and it’s important to let them rest as needed. If your job requires you constantly to be at a computer, consider resuming work part-time initially, then gradually increasing your workload as you continue to recover.

  • You must protect your eyes from the sun and wind. Wear dark sunglasses with frames that provide plenty of coverage whenever you go outdoors, and follow your cosmetic surgeons’ instructions about applying sunscreen after eyelid surgery.

  • You will have to avoid lifting, straining, and bending down to pick things up for up to 4 weeks after eyelid surgery. This can be an inconvenient restriction, but it is crucial that you do not induce sudden increases in blood pressure until your incisions have healed adequately.


Keeping your good looking results 

With a healthy lifestyle and good skincare habits, the results of cosmetic eyelid surgery should last for years.  With the excess, sagging skin gone, your eyes will always look better refreshed and more youthful than they would have without an eyelid lift. Likewise, if you have lower eyelid surgery, those puffy eye bags will be gone. While nothing can stop the normal aging process, your results will age naturally with you.

You can keep your eyes looking more youthful by wearing sunscreen daily, becoming or remaining a non-smoker, and practicing good nutrition and health habits. Non-surgical treatments, such as Botox or filler injections or skin resurfacing, can also help you touch up your youthful appearance by smoothing wrinkles around the face and eyes. Your cosmetic surgeon can recommend the treatment options that will best meet your needs.

When performed by a qualified cosmetic surgeon, eyelid surgery is a safe, rewarding procedure with long-lasting benefits. The best way to learn how eyelid surgery might help you is to consult with a certified cosmetic surgeon.


Our work is based on a solid trust relationship

We are convinced that mutual trust between the doctor and the patient is a basic condition for treatment. To create this trust, there is nothing more important than a detailed, personal conversation. In this first consultation, we will discuss your personal health situation, your goals and potential risks to determine the best treatment for you. In addition, you can discuss your wishes with regard to further treatments or procedures such as lip augmentation or various types of wrinkle treatment.


Good to know about eyelid surgery ...

Eyelid correction (upper eyelid surgery and / or lower eyelid surgery) is one of the most frequently performed aesthetic treatments in Switzerland. As the age grows, the skin and the connective tissue are weakened by aesthetically disturbing lids and lacrimal sacs. These changes around the eyes can occur genetically even at a young age. Slips are due either to excess skin on the upper eyelid or to a reduction in the eyebrows. By removing the upper eyelids, this excess skin can be removed or the eyebrows lifted by eyebrow lift. Tear-bags are formed because the adipose tissue of the eye-sockets is pushed outwards by the relaxed eyelids. The fat and the excess skin can be removed by lowering the eyelids.

All treatments on the eyelids can be carried out on the outpatient basis and in local anesthesia individually or combined. The incision in the lower eyelid is placed in the lower eyelid and is thus invisible. The incision in the upper eyelid is placed in the upper eyelid fold and is almost invisible.

Eyelid corrections (blepharoplastics, eyelid tightening, eyelid tightening) can significantly improve the quality of life and self-esteem.









Sources: All medical informations with kind permission of MD Sandro Laganà, FMH Specialist in Surgery, Berne, Switzerland

  • Treatment of: upper or lower eyelids

  • Objective: Tightening or removing excess skin - Elimination of laxatives or tear sacks

  • Stay: outpatient (return home on the same day)

  • Anesthesia: local anesthesia

  • Aftercare: Pull the threads after 7 days

  • Costs: from 3'100 CHF (upper eyelid tightening), from 4'600 CHF (lower eyelid tightening)

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