For many men, gynecomastia is an enormous psychological strain. Cause is often a hormonal disorder due to a malfunction of the glands - the result of overweight or unhealthy diet. Especially fashion conscious, slim men are restricted by a gynecomastia in their clothes selection.



Operational possibilities in gynecomastia

The surgical procedure depends on the previous diagnosis.  A distinction is made between pure gynecomastia and a pseudogyna coma. The latter is attributable to morbid fat (obesity). About 30 percent of men are affected by the increased formation of breast gland tissue. In the first case, the mammary gland and excess fat are removed with the scalpel, whereas in the case of pseudogyna coma, on the other hand, the fat can also be sucked off depending on the form. The most popular operative method for breast reduction is liposuction. An anesthetic is injected into the adipose tissue through small incisions. After a longer exposure time the fat can be sucked without pain. As a rule, surgery is performed under general anesthesia.

In a further variant of the breast correction, also called asromastectomy, the excess gland tissue is additionally removed. The incision takes place underneath the breast cavity, the fat and gland tissue being sucked off. After the surgical procedure, the patient must wear a compressive bandage for at least six weeks in order to optimally support wound healing. The risks of the procedure are considered to be relatively low. However, as with any surgical procedure, they can not be completely excluded. Thus, wound healing disorders or adverse reactions to the narcotic agent as well as dissatisfaction due to asymmetry can occur.



What is the cost of a breast surgery for men?

The costs can be borne by the health insurance company in full or in part if a mental impairment can be demonstrated. An exception is a diseased breast (gynecomastia). In this case, the health insurance company can issue a cost assessment language for this part of the operation (breast gland removal). The decision is, however, usually only made in the individual case and after the recommendation of the trusted doctor of the health insurance. The decisive factor here is whether a true gynecomastia (enlargement of the breast gland body) with disease value or a so-called pseudogynacomastia (proliferation of breast fat tissue in the case of overweight) is present. Otherwise, the costs vary greatly depending on various criteria (effort of the operation and the device in which the operation is performed), and must be worn by the patient himself on aesthetic indication. The cost of treating the male fat chest varies between 6,500 and 9,000 Swiss francs, depending on the type and size of the procedure (for complex corrections with removal of a large skin excess). An exact estimate can therefore only be prepared after a personal consultation.

Gynecomastia surgery / The facts



Operation Duration:

1.5-2 hours

Type of anesthesia:

local anesthetic or general anesthesia

Hospital stay:

outpatient or stationary over 1 night

After treatment:

Compression vest for about 4 weeks,

Thread shortening after 2 weeks

Recovery of professional activity after 2-3 days

Beginning of sports activities after 2-3 weeks

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