MD. Thomas Haffner

      surgical specialist

Medical director and owner of HeumarktClinic Cologne
Heumarkt 43 (medical centre)
D-50667 Cologne, Germany
Phone: +49 221 257 297 6


Main areas of activity:

Private Practice for Aesthetic Surgery-Phlebology-Proctology-Orthopedics



Breast lift without a vertical scar

The facelift - endoscopic - without a face cut

Natural, muscle-building eyelid tightening

Plastic intimate laser surgery,

Varicose veins External valvuloplasty (EVP) and laser treatment


Laser-Prokto Plastic Surgery

Laser Fistula Plastic Op

Laser Hemorrids Plastic Surgery

Price examples:

Facelift without face cut through endoscopic face Rejuvenation Target price: from 9990.00 EUR net


4 point facelift endoscopic for temple-jaw-neck from 12999.00 EUR net


3d Breast lift without scar by reshaping and straightening the breast using the keyhole technique From 8500 net


3d Thread lifting with fixation method from 1999- 4400 EUR net


Plastic vein-preserving varicose veins Op. combined with laser technology:" Veins preserved instead of destroyed" from 1990 EUR


Haemorrhoid Laser Procto-Plastic Surgery - "Haemorrhoids and Pain were Yesterday"

From 2500.00 EUR