Lip augmentation


Full, expressive lips with a nice swing are considered as beauty side. They stand for sensuality and passion. Since only a few women are naturally blessed with a pouting mouth, the enlargement of the lips is very popular. It is also an effective means to replenish narrowing lips by age. In addition to the lip enlargement, the under-injection is also suitable for filling the lips, for contouring the edge or for asymmetry.

Lip augmentation - Important to know:

The lips are always enlarged by the specialized specialist you have chosen exclusively with SwissBeautyMed with several years of experience in this field. This applies to all beauty treatments we have provided.



The stay for lip augmentation:

The lip-injection takes about 15 to 30 minutes. Afterwards you can usually leave the practice or clinic.

Anesthesia for lip augmentation

Anesthesia is not necessary for lip augmentation.

The process of lip augmentation

 With a very fine needle, hyaluronic acid gel of non-animal origin is injected into the lips for the purpose of enlargement of the lips. Possible is the injection into the lip contour or the lip red. Hyaluron is a body-borne filler that occurs in our skin, joints, the vitreous of the eye, and most cells. Therefore it is 100 percent of the body degraded. Hyaluronic acid binds water. It cushions the lips and gives you new volume and elasticity. The basic lip shape does not change through the procedure.

After lip augmentation:

One or two days after the procedure, the lips may be swollen. Direct sun exposure is to be avoided. Cooling compresses help to reduce the swelling. Depending on personal habits and the individual metabolism, the result remains eight to twelve months. The number of treatments usually shortens the intervals. Nicotine consumption and UV radiation accelerate the hyaluron degradation, but the lip enhancement can be performed as often as desired.




Mutual trust:

Mutual trust is very important to us. We will take the time for you and give you the opportunity to meet us personally. Use the comprehensive and detailed consultation and let the desired medical specialist answer you in detail.





Good to know about lip augmentation ...

The lip enlargement is performed with the aid of the liquid implant. Asymmetries can be corrected in this way. As a liquid implant, hyaluronic acid is used, which is injected with a fine needle under the skin. The liquid implant is completely decomposed after 8 to 12 months.

Sources: All medical informations with kind permission of MD Sandro Laganà, FMH Specialist in Surgery, Berne, Switzerland

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