Rehabilitation clinics in Switzerland

The selection of a suitable rehabilitation clinic is a matter of trust.

The equipment and quality of the treatments offered are first-class throughout Switzerland.

SwissBeautyMed cooperates exclusively with the most renowned rehabilitation clinics in Switzerland.

We mediate the following rehabilitations:

  • joint and spine diseases (for example arthrosis and other rheumatic diseases, damage to intervertebral discs)

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system (for example heart attack, condition after bypass surgery or stroke),

  • psychological diseases (for example neuroses, depressive disorders, and addictions)

  • metabolic diseases (for example obesity or diabetes) 

  • internal oncology (cancer diseases) can happen anytime, and anyone can be affected

  • Rehabilitation for chronic respiratory diseases (pulmonary rehabilitation)


Whether after a traffic accident, after an operation, after an illness or due to an addiction: our health can be affected by a variety of reasons and requires physical and mental restoration.

This is where medical rehabilitation with its two goals comes in: on the one hand, affected patients should find their way back into their social and professional life by restoring and strengthening their health, both mentally and physically. On the other hand, it should also show how to deal with and cope individually with life circumstances in order to prevent a relapse or additional illness.

The main goal and the purpose of medical rehabilitation are:
After a serious illness or in the case of chronic diseases, performance in everyday and professional life is restored or significantly improved.

Lost abilities are learned again and thus participation in work and society is ensured.

Lost abilities are replaced by strengthening existing abilities or learning new ones.


SwissBeautyMed will put you in touch with the leading rehabilitation clinics in Switzerland.

We accompany you safely, discreetly and reliably. From the referring doctor/hospital to the optional travel planning, we take care of all formalities.

The SwissBeautyMed team will be happy to advise you!

 Rehabilitation Clinics





Clinic Castle Mammern

Leading Rehabilitation on the lake.

Member of Swiss Leading Hospitals.