Second medical opinion

Second medical opinion and medical check-up

Your family doctor or specialist has given you comprehensive advice and recommends an operation. Nevertheless, you are not sure whether you are doing the right thing or have any questions?

SwissBeautyMed recommends the second opinion of a doctor for a planned operation, irradiation or treatment with strong medication with considerable side effects and risks.

The second opinion gives you security and confidence in most cases. 

In the case of numerous illnesses or diagnoses, however, there are regular uncertainties about the most sensible course of action.

Take the chance of a second opinion and talk directly to an independent, neutral specialist.

SwissBeautyMed will only refer you to specialists with many years of experience. for direct consultation. You will take all existing, relevant findings and documents (x-rays, etc.) with you to the consultation. This can save you further examinations. The second opinion specialists provided by SwissBeautyMed will not carry out the operations or treatments in question themselves. 

Do you have any questions? The SwissBeautyMed team will be happy to advise you!