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Sweating is a normal function of the body, which primarily serves to control the heat balance.

On the other hand, a locally excessive sweating (focal hyperhidrosis) can lead to a massive psychosocial impairment up to the isolation of those affected. The cause is manifold and familiär heaufen.

Two different treatment methods are offered for this purpose.




Important to know

All of the specialists who cooperate with SwissBeautymed perform exclusive beauty treatments, which they specialize in and have many years of experience.

This is also in all cases of sweat gland procedures: every doctor is his specialty.

The stay


Sweat gland treatment with botulinum toxin:

It takes about 20 minutes. Then you can leave our beauty clinic and follow your usual activities.


Welding glands extraction

It takes about 1 hour. Then you can leave our beauty clinic and follow your usual activities.



The anesthesia


Sweat gland treatment with botulinum toxin:

As a rule none.

Welding gland extraction:

Treatment is performed by means of local anesthesia.

The procedures


Suppression of excessive sweat production by botulinum toxin

With the help of small injections of very low doses of botulinum toxin into the skin, excessive sweating in the armpits is treated. In this Botox treatment, the transmission of stimuli to the sweat glands is inhibited and thus the sweat secretion is suppressed. In some cases, local anesthesia is necessary. The effect begins after about 2 days and is fully developed after 2 weeks. The duration of the treatment is limited to 4 to 7 months. The treatment may be repeated, if not more than every 16 weeks, and when the clinical effect of the previous injection has subsided.

As with any injection, side effects such as inflammation, infection, redness and pain may occur, but botulinum toxin-dependent risks are also possible, such as hypersensitivity reactions, local muscle weakness, headaches and dizziness.


Sweat gland suction / suction curettage

A sweat gland suction (suction curettage) is only possible in the armpit area. Two small incisions (3 to 5 millimeters) are made. After the infiltration of the local anesthetic fluid, the sweat glands are aspirated with a very fine suction cannula. The aim of a sweat gland suction (suction curettage) is a permanent normalization of the sweating, whereby it occurs in the extreme case that even under physical stress the treated site remains "dry".


After treatment

Sweat gland treatment with botulinum toxin:

You can pursue your usual activities without restriction.


Sweat gland suction:

After the treatment, a patch is applied to each of the two small interfaces. Sport activities should be canceled for 4 weeks. The success of a sweat gland suction occurs immediately.

There are no disadvantages for the lymph fluid.

Mutual trust

Mutual trust is very important to us. But are not you of the opinion that you can give us the confidence you need for sweat glands procedures only when you know us? SwissBeautyMed provides you a very comprehensive consultation whith your choosen specialist. This is an ideal opportunity to get to know your doctor and getting answers to all your questions.

We are looking forward to your visit!




Sources: All medical informations with kind permission of MD Sandro Laganà, FMH Specialist in Surgery, Berne, Switzerland

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