With  the abdominal wall tightening, skin and fat shortening (excessive and dilated skin and adipose tissue) can be specifically removed in the abdominal area.

This appears useful when:

After a weight loss a fat skirt remains

After a pregnancy the abdomen no longer forms

The skin loses its elasticity over time and a bulge forms in the abdomen



A fat apron does not only represent an aesthetic problem, but can also, in a pronounced form, also restrict the freedom of movement and cause chronic skin irritation. Under certain circumstances, it is sensible to combine a tummy tuck with an additional and targeted liposuction of the adjacent areas.


Without exception, all the specialists who work with SwissBeautyMed exclusively perform beauty treatments on which they specialize and have many years of experience! This is also the case with abdominals: every doctor specializes in the area

Abdominoplasty: The stay

The stay is usually ambulatory

Abdominoplasty: Anesthesia

If the treatment is performed on an outpatient basis, it is performed without anesthesia. In this case it is performed by means of dormant sleep and local anesthesia.

Abdominoplasty: procedure

The incision runs horizontally above the pubic hair. Thereafter, the excess tissue is stuck down. The suture is placed under the skin (intracutaneously).

Abdominoplasty: After the treatment

The threads are removed after 2 weeks. For two to three weeks a compression body should be worn day and night


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Good to know about tummy tuck ...

The abdominoplasty is called on the outpatient basic.

With the help of a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), an extensive abdominal muscles can be put back into shape.

With the help of a abdomen tightening (abdominoplasty, abdominoplasty), a sunken and thus disturbing felt pelvic can again be such a huge plus of life quality- a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) can increase the well-being and self-esteem.

The costs for this surgery start from 8000, -CHF.

Sources: All medical informations with kind permission of MD Sandro Laganà, FMH Specialist in Surgery, Berne, Switzerland